Chase Coley & Pascal Colman  ( name as such because we couldn’t agree on anything sensible ) has been going ( we have been performing as a duo ) since 2014.

Chase makes Instruments and Pascal makes complementary mistakes on his more traditional looking but no more traditional sounding setup and together they make (we make because “i” ( pascal ) am writing this) a din / a racket / a lullaby which is  so beautifully ugly that it could almost be called music.

The resultant it  born is from the performance and takes the guise ( most of the time ) of a free form ambient collage; ambient music with teeth; waterphone cries and the gritty blanket tones of the Long Stringed Instrument ( big up to Ellen Fullman ) sing and screech through a melange of radio interference, feedback, finger picked guitar and miscellaneous tape recordings of seascapes and bugged phone conversations. A million voices populate the it ’s ever changing soundscape and far from being overcrowded the voices coalesce and harmonize and unify till they are but one                   it.

This is ridiculously verbose way to articulate one’s own practice.

We are a free improvising duo who practice a mode of non-idiomatic improvisation that doesn’t sound       ( to my knowledge ( for better or for worse ) ) like much else that is out there.











Since 2014 we have done a huge number of performances and exhibited our work ( ourselves ) across London and the UK in spaces such as Iklektik and festivals such as Supernormal ( where we hid out like wildmen in the woods and haunted whoever had the ( mis ) fortune of chancing upon us ). Since 2019 we have been making an album. In 2020 we might finish it. Until that time you have an EP:




  horror music you can sleep to chase coley & pascal colman, 2019