untitled ( tape loop piece ) is an evolving sound sculpture comprised of four 5 second cassette tape loops. Each loop contains ¼ of a consonant harmonic relationship. Due to almost negligible inconsistencies in the construction of each loop the end points are milliseconds apart from each other resulting in a pattern that is unfixed and evolving.

The four loops are played discretely; at low volumes a distance away from each other, but close enough so that are all audible at any given time within the sounding space.

By establishing a recognizable musical relationship the piece instigates an expectant mode of listening; a mode where one listens with an aesthetically primed ear and assumes the anticipation / fulfillment model of a standard musical appreciation.

The piece’s constant evolution flaunts its appreciation as a musical object and instead creates an experience that does not culminate, resolve in accordance with a logic and is ongoing. It induces a state where one is actively listening but can’t say ‘to what?’ and, in true Cageian fashion is coerced into applying the musical frame to silence ( unintended, indeterminate noise ) which finds itself subsumed into the artificial soundscape.


excerpt of running; fixed in time and not playing in a real acoustic space


               untitled (tape loop piece) cassette players (x4), sound  (∞ or there abouts), 2014