Moments of synchronicity, moments of

unintended but nonetheless apparent coincidence draw attention to processual relationships by establishing a perceptible (although illusory) logic in the arbitrary nature of things.

These moments, whilst in themselves not revealing any great insights into the workings of the world function snap one into a state of active receptivity.

By being party to coincidences, seemingly anomalous occurrences, superficial glimpses of patterning on the world’s veneer of (what would otherwise appear as) chaos one becomes exposed to the suggestion, the implication that there is something more (behind, above or otherwise outside of  (a bigger picture, a higher power))

This is the coercel of the one into attending to all the  workings of the world as an event seemingly out of the ordinary has implied that there is a reason to attend.

Two Lycra clad joggers on treadmills side by side

 motoric foot falls correspond in time before 

rhythm slips, phase flutters to an electric patter

stretching elastic as it pulls apart into

cross rhythms                                                 

in on beat and off

 and suddenly

 you become aware of every strained breath interlocking between the feet

they fall syncopated with the pull down machine that

(in need of an oil) squeaks an accent on your beating heart






landing on the off of the treadmill’s four to floor(or there abouts)



it isn’t

and it’s just the sound of two men running on a treadmill 

and you look around awkward as self-consciousness sets in.

Moments of synchronicity can induce a state where one becomes actively receptive to all – the relationships, the meaningless along with the meaningful, the noise along with the music, and for that time one’s perceptual world is a (busier but also) much richer place. It is a state in which one becomes aware of how inspiring the state of simply being is.


(This is a short silent film of two metronomes running side by side. One doesn’t keep time with itself. I like this video a lot)