sits speakers (x6), radio, fm tansmitters (x3) sound (6:30 / ∞), 2019


sits is a dynamic / interactive installation piece exploring the relationship / distance ( lack of ) between the one and other / self and nature ( natural process ).

It consists of a composition of radio static sounding across six channels ( expanding upon an earlier arrived notion of a fake field recording of the sea ). The speakers are arranged in an imperfect semi-circle so as to mimic a coastline. In their midst is my radio ( the initial source of the sound coming from the speakers ) with a vocal piece from it faintly emerging.

The the vocal piece is divided into three parts with each playing simultaneously. Each part is being transmitted on the same frequency ( 98fm ) by a transmitter placed equidistant from the radio ( one either side and one behind ). Only one of these transmissions sounds through the speaker at any one time, which it does enshrouded in the burbling shrieks and swathes of static that occur as the transmissions interfere with one another.                                                                                                                                                                                    At times the interference completely eclipses the transmission( s ). At times it doesn’t. Oftentimes it’s hard to know what is the signal and what is the interference.

If an auditor ( maybe trying to make out what is singing through the box ) repositions themselves they ( or rather their skull ) acts as a relay for a transmission resulting in a new transmission ( arrangement of transmissions / arrangement of interferences  / arrangement of transmissions and interferences intermingled ) to sound through the radio. The voice becomes a dynamic and responsive object and oftentimes moving closer to the radio will make the transmission one intends to audit shy further away.


fake field recording of the sea; the accident that inspired the intentional