no names no faces HD video, sound (∞ or there abouts), 2014


No Names No Faces is an evolving video installation involving three medias playing looped around marginally different endpoints.

A brief encouraging the production of an ‘abstract, narrative’ and ‘impressionistic’ piece was given to poet ( Lucas Howard ), composer ( Christopher Sergeant ) and video artist ( Pascal Colman ) who each supplied a response that was autonomous of the others and undeniably an expression of each individual.

The medias are presented simultaneously to create an object that in perception (and only in perception) exists as a unity; a fourth object created by the perceiver.

Due to the different endpoints the relationships between the media are constantly shifting with each being continually recontextualised by the other two. The result of this is an experience that is mutable and unfixed, and a (singular) experience only in its appreciation.



The evolving / constant recontextualisation facet of the film isn’t expressible in this format. Even if the actual ‘work’ of the art isn’t present in this video clip i hope that  you instead that you can enjoy this unsynched wash of pretty pictures, whimsical words and dulcet tones