sing through different parts of your body
zoom in
move freely
choose one part of your body
zoom in
let it sing and dance for five minutes
choose one part of your body
zoom in
let it sing and dance for five minutes
don’t move
and stay on one pitch
esthetic research: can my voice sound like it’s not necessarily a voice
can i stay on one pitch and move with texture
can it be a smooth sound
can all sounds/videos play at the same time ?

playing the daily scores video (36:07), 2023

score for performance no1 text (by gabrielle harnois blouin), 2019


The daily scores are a series of textscores written by artist / musician Gabrielle Harnois Blouin in 2019. Detailing items of the everyday / the mundane, the scores straddle a line between soft prompts and expressions of Gabrielle’s personal experience. They do not instruct ‘to do’ in the way one might expect of a score but rather establish a frame through which one can experience the wonder in what is already there. It is not a magicalising of the mundane but a facilitation of the opening / nurturing of a space in which the “magic” ( this concept is superfluous when one truly feels the world ) inherent in all things can be felt. The work that these scores create is listening.

We free improvised musical realisations of a number of the textscores, with Gabrielle playing her voice and myself playing guitar ( and tea ). It was free play within the container of the words and a number of these have found themselves birthed as the record: daily scores

playing the daily scores is a longform video piece  where i improvised, in a similar manner to how i improvise with the guitar to the sketches found on the record. The content – the woods around where i grew up – was already my space of inspiration ( “magic” ) and, following the direction of the scores – sometimes mimetically, often otherwise – the camera dances through them. Like the scores themselves the film is a celebration of form rather than an exposition of content – explorations of the ‘how’ rather than the ‘what’ that the ‘how’ leads to.