With my work i often state that my intention is to facilitate new or in some way profound / beautiful experience.

Expanding from the creation aesthetic object, i try to facilitate situations in which one can have experience that is aesthetic. i attempt this through performance, through installation, through concept and through written word.

My work often straddles a line between an almost irreverent sense of play with surroundings and relational frameworks, and a more serious philosophical inquiry into both the mechanics that shape existence and my relationship to them (from which point this inquiry can be read as an exploration of self). There is a tension inherent in the simultaneous running of these two strands and my work across mediums, i would like to say is a celebration of this tension.

My inspirations include listening, meditation (quietening of the ego / the coercel of the mind into speaking less so as one can better listen) and  tea (little splash of milk, no sugar (absolutely not) and preferably a deep brick red in colour – i am seriously indebted to tea, not sure what i would have done without it  –probably wouldn’t be making art).

i have shown work predominantly in London and performed with a variety of free improvisation based projects across the UK.  Please see other projects for examples of this work.