i am a creative with one foot in the garden of south east England, one in south London, one foot in Melbourne and the other in Berlin ( i have four feet ).

i work in words, sound ( musical and otherwise ), still image, moving image, installation and sometimes performance.

All that i do i consider an expression of listening ( not as in ears receiving sound but listening as defined as a state of active receptivity / reflexivity / reciprocity ). i reckon that if more people listened then the world would be a better place.

Other inspirations include meditation (  the quietening of the ego / nurturing of space ) and  tea  ( little splash of milk, no sugar ( absolutely not ) and preferably a deep brick red in colour ( i am seriously indebted to tea, not sure what i would do without it … probably wouldn’t be making art ) ), walking and using this weird infolding bracketing system when i write.

i have shown my art work predominantly in the UK and have performed in a variety of ( largely ) free improvisation based music projects ( please see select discography and other projects for examples of these ) both in the UK and internationally.