The selection in the soundcloud player below should give some impression of the feel of the collage process.

It also includes examples of my field recording.

rule of thirds (performance _ edit)

an edit of the rule of thirds piece that was broadcast on Brumm Radio as part of the Ten Acres of Sound festival. It is essentially three excerpts from a a live free improvisation featuring myself, and musicians Christopher Richardson and Astra Forward.

Please see RoT proposition _ reflection PDF attached to email.

ciara (draft 2)

a piece of experimental music for an upcoming release that combines a straight field recording ( of storm Ciara from October 2019 ) with a processed music box rendition of ‘Singing in the Rain’.

why start making sense now? (edit 4)

like rule of thirds (performance_edit) this is an example of the sound collage process in effect. i was generating material for a larger piece that was to be broadcast on Resonance FM and this was one of the building blocks that came out. It features cutup texts from peers on the masters course i was undertaking,  synthesizer drones and radio.

berlin _ bells _ pan _ car drive _ echo chamber effect

a straight field recording of distant church bells in Berlin.

geant (material_eg)

generating materials for a piece of Canadian composer / sound artist Gabrielle Harnois Blouin. This is a short excerpt which contains small close mic’d sounds ( generated in realtime by Gabrielle ) being collaged with a recording of a symphony orchestra ( led by my Auntie ) to create distortion of size. i included this because it demonstrates the utilizing of pre-recorded music in the collage process.

disruption _ immersion (material_eg)

generating materials for a piece by Mexican artist ( / close friend / dancer of Pinna ) Jimena García Álvarez-Buylla. The piece is about ( in short ) the disruption of accepted narratives and features the spoken word ( not that i can understand the words spoken ) in a position of greater importance than in the other examples provided.



presence (not present)






presence (not present) cassette players (x30) sound (∞ or there abouts), 2015


‘presence (not present)’ is an environmental sound sculpture sculpted from musical sound that explores the inner space experienced in practices such as meditation.

The piece consists of a drone based sonic atmosphere (composed in the key of D to one up Terry Riley) which is being invoked from a grid of 30 C46 cassette players. The effect is a cloud of harmony that the auditor can perceptually alter by navigating themselves to a different physical location within it.

Instructions being left to both patrons and invigilators to “please turn tape over when side has finished” guarantee that none of the 30 components will be playing at the same position within the composition any time after the initial sounding. The atmosphere is subject to an evolution and decomposition over its course making the resultant experience one of an immersive, interactive, constantly shifting and indeterminate sonic landscape.

This is an excerpt of the piece’s running at the Under Control exhibition in 2017. The finite / temporal nature of the audio recording, the fixed position of the stereo pair and also the conversation running consistently throughout do not well reflect the nature of the piece. But, with that said

nothing is perfect.




husband material – chase coley & pascal colman

i have put out a number of my own records and also DJ mixes that utilize a collage method as a way of presentation – sequencing individual pieces together in such a way that they form a cohesive whole.

Husband Material is the most recent ( finished ) example this. It’s a free improvised record birthed from the long running collaboration between myself and artist / instrument builder Chase Coley. It was self recorded in the church of the village where i grew up and released on the Lumen Lake at the end of last year. It saw positive reviews in publications such as the Quietus and has had spots on Resonance FM and BBC’s the Late Junction.