‘Water Born Again _ And This Time i Even Had My Shirt Tucked In’ – short piece of sound design-y piece of experimental music.

‘Elly’ – Straight field recording piece of a drone from a water treatment plant by the woods 2020

‘Louisa’s Dream’ (sketch) – rough recording from rehearsal with Astra Forward. Although not a finished ( or even a ) piece ( we’re actually going to be developing this one today ) i feel it represents quite well what is capable of the collage process 2022 (last Sunday)

‘Ciara’ – a field recording based piece utilizing recordings of 2019’s Storm Ciara 2020

‘Untitled’ – generating material for Montreal based artist / composer Gabrielle Harnois Blouin to use for her score for ‘Geant’. Largely improvised material with me generating electronic textures from her rubbing fabric against microphone and using her voice. 2020

‘Lovely Loop 2’ – A nice loop made that might ( at some point ) turn into a music 2020

‘Hang’ – a straight field recording of church bells in Berlin 2020




Rule of Thirds

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A piece for radio which was commissioned as part of the Ten Acres of Sound festival in 2020. It utilized the collage process in a live setting to create an impressionistic soundworld that was themed around people’s experience of the pandemic. The resultant object was then re-arranged / sequenced by me so it was fit to broadcast.



Husband Material


A free improve LP released by myself and sound artist / instrument builder / longtime collaborator Chase Coley – edited sequenced mixed and arranged by me.


released on Lumen Lake 2020