Rule of Thirds

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A piece for radio which was commissioned as part of the Ten Acres of Sound festival in 2020. It utilized the collage process in a live setting to create an impressionistic soundworld that was themed around people’s experience of the pandemic. The resultant object was then re-arranged / sequenced by me so it was fit to broadcast.




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A piece which utilises the radio transmission / disruption setup



‘sits’ radio transmission test – a demonstration of that setup in effect



‘Louisa’s Dream’ (sketch) – rough recording from rehearsal with Astra Forward where the collage setup is being used in an explicitly musical context



Pinna (at Dronica 2017)

a Pinna performance where Jimena ( the dancer ) is moving through radios with a transmitter and microphone to produce feedback loops which essentially sonify her placement / movement in the space.


( note: the sonic qualities of the FM transmission examples given here are quite abrasive – it doesn’t have to be )