to the sea sound (23:13), 2023

 to the sea is a piece commisioned by Fevered Sleep for the Sherrell House care home. Devised with artist Akshay Sharma, the composition’s dynamic structure follows the course of a river with its intention being to provide both an vivid journey and an aural space of respite in which its auditors ( the residents ) can immerse themselves.

One part soundscape composition, one part original music and one part DJ mix, the piece flows from the familiar to the new, never overtly challenging but hopefully giving something of the unfamiliar or difference for individuals whose day to days might look quite the same.



water born again _ and this this time my shirt was even tucked in

short unreleased piece of music, 2021




field recording of church bells in berlin, 2020



playing playing the daily scores (sample)

short excerpt of upcoming experimental film to be released along with free improvised record of myself and artist / composer Gabrielle Harnois Blouin, 2023



husband material

free improvised record made with artist / instrument builder Chase Coley, 2020



big deal _ at peace (sketch)

excerpt from material generated for Gabrielle Harnois Blouin’s score for dance piece “Geant”, 2020



disruption immersion (sketch)

material generated for artist Jimena Alvarez Garcia Buylla’s piece “Disruption / Immersion”, 2019




field recording piece, 2019


i figured i’d stick to the ( somewhat ) more experimental side of my practice. Happy to send examples of the more conventional music if wanted ( an ecelctic range of folk pop to math rock to drum n’ bass ).