With my work I often state that my intention is to facilitate new or in some way profound/beautiful experience.

Expanding from the creation aesthetic objects I try to engineer situations in which one can have experience that is aesthetic (beauty has never ceased to be important to me) and though much of what I do is founded in concept it is the experience of which I am most vested in.

Meditation results in a quietening of the ego, a coercel of the mind into speaking less so as one can better listen. It is this which I attribute to being my biggest inspiration (rivalled only potentially by tea – little splash of milk, no sugar (absolutely not) and preferably a deep brick red in colour – I am seriously indebted to tea, not sure what I would do without it, probably wouldn’t be making art) and this which I often attempt to mirror in my works – the inner space of meditation; large areas of silence left as space for reflection and subjective interpretation.

This practice and the state of increased awareness / receptivity it affords functions as both inspiration and subject matter in my work – I like to create works that induce/explore these states as well as the new perceptual realities they open onto.

I am also a musician who writes and performs both popular and experimental / improvised music and a photographer who practices in both digital and analogue techniques – see other projects for examples of this work.